GWC Projects
How Xypex® Works
Xypex Crystalline Technology waterproofs and enhances the chemical protection of concrete though its unique reactive process. The active chemical components in Xypex react with the by-products of cement hydration, resulting in a non-soluble crystalline structure that fills and plugs the pores and capillary tracts of the concrete structure.
Culvert and other drainage pipe failures incur great costs. These failures typically must be fixed or replaced at emergency rates. New rehabilitation technologies present contractors and infrastructure managers with multiple superior options. Experienced, certified applicators, such as GWC, can centrifugally cast high-strength mortars to create a new, structurally sound concrete pipe inside the old one.
Why Basements Leak
The battle against moisture is the most common basement problem faced by homeowners. It can range from seepage through the pores of walls and floors to water gushing through cracks, construction joints or structural defects. In spite of this, most basements have been built with little or no attention to preventing moisture problems.
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