The Proven, Engineered CCCP System

AP/M's centrifugally cast concrete pipe system for the structural renewal of culverts and sanitary sewer pipe - without backhoes, repaving, traffic detours, flooding or hazardous construction.

Corrugated metal, with its propensity to rust and buckle, was not meant to last forever. 20 to 30 years is its designed life.

Your replacement options include digging (with its unavoidable disruption), sliplining (with its reduced capacity), or expensive cured-in-place liners. But without digging, liners, or reduction of capacity, and at significant savings, CentriPipe creates a new, structurally sound concrete pipe inside the old one.

This new pipe is 100% environmentally sound, waterproof, fully sealed from end to end. And it provides highly effective corrosion protection that can double the life of the pipe.

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